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Benefits Of Training

Do you or your staff work alone, work in the community or work unusual hours?

Any person who interacts with the public in any way has the potential for conflict, this is not necessarily physical conflict, it can be verbal. If you or your staff are in a position to offer or refuse/withhold services etc. then the possibility of conflict can increase. If so then you should consider our Conflict Resolution Course.

LINIC Courses aim to:

Reduce assaults on staff
Reduce absenteeism
Reduce & elminate complaints
Raise awareness of personal safety
Raise awareness of legal perspective
Raise awareness of best practice
Show how to prepare action plans and keep people safe

LINIC training gives employees the skills, strategies and confidence to identify, avoid and deal with confrontation and our clients have noticed a significant reduction in assaults along with better reporting procedures.

1. Do you value your employees?
With the current economic situation being as it is, thefts form retail increasing and assaults on staff occurring more often is it right that that training should be the first to suffer in any cut backs?
2. Most incidents of workplace violence go unreported.
Do you offer your staff Conflict Resolution Training?
Have you risk assessed their roles in relation to Conflict Resolution?
3. Are your employees safe; Do they work alone?
Do they have the power to offer or refuse services to the public?
Have there been incidents or workplace violence (remember it does not have to be physical), what does your Risk Assessment say about Conflict Resolution?
LINIC Security & Staff Safety Training is working with many organisations in these areas and has successfully reduced incidents and assaults on staff.
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Points covered will be of use in reception duties; very good and worthwhile
AF - Receptionist

Understanding the benefits of Conflict Resolution
BE Road Construction Team

How to control people in a controlled manner
SL Security Team

Recognize bad habits in driving
BF Teacher senior school (Driving assessment course)

Very informative and interesting; presented in an interesting and varied form
GH - Training College

Gives you confidence to use techniques if needed
JK - Security

A very good refresher and update
AH - Security Team

Course showed up weak points on the safety of our staff

Very good course; friendly and enjoyable day
DS - Estates Department

I will feel safer when working alone
DW - Parish Reverend

Well led session, vey thourough, informtive and relevant

Good study session, learnt a lot
CG - Nurse

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